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    Alejandro Mary
    July 14, 2022

    Wow what an experience. First and foremost thank you for being available to take care of our puppy. We were on vacation here and had an unexpected emergency with our 7month old puppy. Luckily we were able find this hospital that accepted walk-ins because none of the other vets had vacancy or took walk ins. At first we were apprehensive about taking Lexi to a random doctor but from the moment we walked in Katie made us feel welcome. She was amazing and very knowledgable/caring. The Vet was also great he was kind and had us out in a flash. The location is nicely remodeled and smelled fresh and clean. Thank you all again for the great care.

    Amelia Gillis
    March 09, 2024

    My recent visit to 24/7 Animal Hospital left me disappointed and frustrated. While I've generally had decent experiences there in the past, this time was different. Despite expressing concern about my puppy's scratching after her last set of shots, I was told I could have a vet exam and receive recommendations. However, the experience fell short of expectations. The vet's examination was cursory at best, limited to listening to the heart, a brief check of the teeth, and turning the puppy over. To my surprise, a shot was administered without any explanation or consent, and I was later billed $100 for it. What's more, there was no communication about the nature of the shot or why my puppy supposedly had "dry skin." Although the clinic acknowledged their error in not informing me about the shot or its cost, the offer of a mere $20 discount felt inadequate. It's disheartening to encounter such price gouging and poor communication, especially when the clinic admits fault but fails to rectify the situation. Additionally, suggesting that I file a claim with "Chews a Puppy" only adds insult to injury. As a result of this disappointing experience, I've decided to take my business elsewhere and cannot in good conscience recommend 24/7 Animal Hospital to others. Misleading practices and inadequate customer service have led to the loss of a once-loyal customer.

    Jessica Hicks
    January 18, 2024

    This place was horribly insensitive to my wife and I in our time of need. (It’s not about their amount of money that we didn’t have to treat the cat, it was the complete insensitivity of all those in the office.) We rushed over with our indoor/outdoor cat who had been struck by a car. We called as soon as we found her and let them know that we were heading in their direction at 4:45pm. Upon arrival a multicolored haired woman at the front at first was extremely professional and sensitive to our needs and that we were very upset. She tried to be cheerful. Once we got in the room, a couple of vet techs came in and instantly started talking about money, going into the fact it was going to be over $1k to try and start treatment. This tech also motions to the fact that they don’t take any form of pet insurance, and that if we needed to get some sort of care credit, the information was on the wall. (The QR code and website conveniently didn’t work.) Eventually the Vet came in— followed by HIS CHILD (no more than 5), while he barely looked over our cat. He told us how our cat’s back was broken and they could do x-rays, for about a grand to see if there was anything they could do. All the while, his child continued to yank and pull on him to leave the room. So they left, because obviously, our emergency had interrupted their evening. This was completely uncalled for, and neither my wife, nor our beloved pet deserved this kind of treatment. Another vet tech came in and said that it would be almost $400 to euthanize the cat and give her body back to us— without being cremated. Of course, we were charged the full $130 amount for the visit, none of the staff offered apologies or even sympathy to the situation, and we left with a dying cat in our arms. (My wife cradled our dying cat and walked past the doctor heading towards the exit— no eye contact, and not a word of sympathy.) Obviously, he and his kid had better things to do than be at the office— and it DEFINITELY showed. She was dead within the next hour after laboring, surrounded by the two of us and our other 3 cats.

    Marilyn Orellana
    February 13, 2024

    I honestly would NOT recommend this place at all. The front desk lady was so sweet and helpful. But the doctor was careless and passive aggressive. I’m not sure if it was because he was upset he got called in late at night for my dog but that’s his job so. When he finally showed up, he didn’t introduce himself or bothered to ask what was wrong with my dog, he just asked the assistant to take my dog in the back. My dog also yelped when he was injected by the doctor in the back causing me to go back there and check what was going on. Although, It’s usually considered “normal” but my dog has never yelped with his primary care doctor when he gets shots so that was very concerning to me. I wanted to wait till the morning to take him to his primary but unfortunately my dog got worse through the night so I had to rush him in. I was charged $1,000 for barely an hour of service by a doctor in his pajamas that barely did anything. When he also tried to explain to me the diagnostics and treatment, it rubbed me the wrong way. It just seemed so in-genuine and almost rude. I will definitely not ever come back, they’re only getting one star because of the really nice young lady at the front desk and their sweet cat.

    Rebekah Carlson
    June 21, 2023

    My daughter and I came across a dead momma kitty, 3 dead kitties and one left alive. I already knew how to care for an orphaned newborn so we bought replacement milk, etc. The next day baby's eyes were swollen and I could only get one to drain. The other had gotten so big I brought him in. They were so amazing and the most caring vet and staff I've seen in years! They truly are there for the well being of your animal. Thank you so much for helping this lil guy's eye and his life. I don't know that he'd have survived after that kind of infection without you. 🥰 Update: Milo has obviously been thriving since we first found him. His eye never fully developed on the side that was infected, but he is 25 lbs of love and chunk that we can't live without! He's such a blessing and so good natured and tolerant. Thank you for giving him a chance at life!

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