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    Ada V. Ruiz V
    September 14, 2022

    I love that place. They treat pets and owners with great care. We are all for them like a big family. That place is very nice. Doctors and nurses make a great team. Thank you for being the way you are. My baby is FIRE, he loves everyone there, they have helped him a lot and they are watching his evolution all the time with his little eyes. God bless you ❤️

    Mischelle Schrider-Jara
    October 26, 2023

    All Creatures Animal Hospital offers excellent veterinary services. They were also extraordinary when it was time to put our beloved Toby down. They were very kind and thoughtful during such a difficult time. We now have two new rescues and I wouldn't bring them anywhere else. Thank you All Creatures! 10/26/2023 Updated Opinion. I just re-read the five star review I gave them at the time. Maybe at the the I didn't think it was so terrible to send me somewhere else, but now I do. I have been with All Creatures for six years and this year, I left them. There were three occasions when I needed their emergency help and only once, were they available. The first time, Toby our dog, was in renal failure(we didn't know at the time) and All Creatures is 8 minutes away. They were Toby's vet for three years. They told me I needed to go to Pebble Creek which was a good 20 minutes away, maybe more. They were too busy. All Creatures did find time to put Toby to sleep the following day. A week after Toby's passing, I received the computer-generated notice that Toby was due for wellness shots or an exam. Two weeks later, we had two new rescues. Throughout the 6 years we received random computer-generated messages that were incorrect so finally, we stopped paying attention to them. We always commented on the notifications to the staff. The last straw was when we were leaving the country and the dogs were going to be boarded the next day. The boarding facility noticed that Connor's Bordetella's vaccine was going to expire while he was being boarded so he needed to get that vaccine updated. Just so you know, it's a nasal spray that takes 15 seconds to administer and 5 minutes for someone to do the paperwork. Did All Creatures alert me? Sure, along with 20 inaccurate alerts. I said before that I stopped looking at the notifications due to their inaccuracy. I begged and pleaded with them to administer the Bordetella. They called another vet and asked them if they could see Connor. (This was reminiscent of Toby) They said yes and All Creatures again, sent me to another vet to help in an emergency situation. I called twice to talk to the vet I typically see and even stopped in once, to talk to her before changing vets. Maybe she would change my mind. Her attempt to reach me was after hours so when I missed the call(s) I could not call back because it went to the answering service. I never spoke to her again. When Chloe's leg was broken, they were $1500 more than any other vet that quoted us so they did not do the repair. They did charge me $700 to tell me her leg was broken (emergency #3) Are they always helpful? No. My fiancé' reminded me that the only good thing I said about them is that they are so nice! They are nice but if they can't help you when you really need them, what good are they to you?

    Natalee Stewart
    February 06, 2023

    All of the staff and doctors have been so supportive & caring I could not ask for anything more! I receive calls with update. I received calls to check on Kiltee once she was home. Truly I am grateful they have saved her life as she arrived under Kidney Failure - she is not to the levels back at kidney disease however we are hopeful to get there and doing much better. Ask questions they will answer and they all know it is tough what you are going through. All have been amazing!

    Ciara Chappell
    March 08, 2024

    This place will allow your animals to suffer and guilt you to get more money. I’ve always had a wonderful experience until I worked with Nicolaci. I brought in my rescue that was showing signs of seizures and severe pain. I told her i thought it was time to have a quality of life talk since he was elderly (17). She all but said I was jumping the gun because her five year old dog has similar issues and did great on such and such medication. Fast forward to only a week and a half I attempt to contact all creatures because my baby is not eating and in obvious severe pain. Absolutely no one returned my calls even though I sent videos as they asked and called repeatedly. Might I also add I never spoke with the doctor directly after he’s X-rays were viewed by an actual radiologist. Missed the call kept trying to get ahold of the doctor and naturally she failed to call me back or provide actual discharge paperwork explain his condition. Naturally, I defaulted to a further vet that I had good experiences with that clarified my worse fear that my baby was in fact in extreme pain and my options where to let him go with dignity or have him several drugged and hope for the best. I’ve always tried to do any possible treatment methods for all my animals at any cost. They give us so much in their short life’s it’s the least we could do. You made me feel like absolute garbage by knowing my dog and wanting to free him from pain. He is gone now in worse condition than I brought him in. You should find a different profession if you either are doing this for the money or refuse to listen to owners and actually accept X-rays. I will never bring another animal in there nor will I ever recommend them. Already have all my other pets records and will gladly go back to a further vet that clearly actually speaks from a medical point of view.

    Melany Batista
    March 06, 2024

    That receptionist Beth is quite nasty. She was very rude to me over the phone, was short, did not greet me when I came in and acted annoyed by my presence overall. Not really someone I would put upfront at the head of the house. I did not feel very welcome at the clinic thus I finished my puppy visits at another clinic. I don’t have any questions for you Bryan! You had someone act very nasty to me over the phone when I tried to continue to bring my puppy to this clinic for her booster vaccines. I should’ve just switched providers immediately giving how your clinic treated me following my termination. Just because I used to work there doesn’t merit being disrespected by your staff. This is not harassment as you are clearly confused. I am free to express my experiences and wrongdoings by others as this is America. In the same sense she was free to be rude to me over the phone :-) god forbid I speak to a client like that and not get reprimanded or spoken to for acting in such a way and displaying your hospital in that light. I’d argue that your statement in response to my review which once again I am free to leave as it’s Google, is harassment. Thank you for continuing to slander me publicly and showing no shame as an owner and veterinarian! You’re sickening. And Bryan whilst I have you, just to be clear, this hospital is the only one to have terminated me within my time Tampa bay vets. You don’t need to lie and drag me too.

    All Creatures Animal Hospital

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