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    Fiorenza Magliola
    April 26, 2024

    Oh how I wish I could give all pet care more than 5 stars… First of all, Dr Rixford saved my cat’s life about 4 different times in extremely hairy circumstances. Unfortunately, she was recently diagnosed with sarcoma. Dr. Rixford has always been so very kind and gentle and so caring. My cat hates going to the vet but she allows Rixford to examine. I have 4 animals total and they all go to all pet care. We live in north Tampa, so you can imagine it’s a 45-50 minute car drive to go over there. We refuse to go anywhere else. We have been Dr Rixford since 2019 and she has provided the BEST care every time. We are so grateful for her. We always recommend her to our friends with animals looking for a new vet. She’s the best 🩷

    Deborah and Charlie Iams
    May 02, 2024

    I am so happy to have found this wonderful office. From the first contact I knew it was great. The staff is so nice and friendly and never rushes you. Dr Singh is super with our little dog. Today they cleaned Annie's teeth and could not ask for anything better how they treated her. He suggested different allergy medicine and she is finally able to stop itching all the time. The office is clean and neat and they have such a nice selection of special foods and treats. The young man who looked after Annie after her procedure was so wonderful with her. You can't ask for a better office. Clearwater has changed over the years since we lived here before, but they are still practicing with the same caring as before. I would give it 10 stars if I could. I didn't get to meet Dr Rixford today but her teeth look great and I am glad she could take care of her today.

    Peyton Blickenstaff
    February 05, 2024

    I got my dobermans ears cropped at 12 weeks here and they did a phenomenal job. I posted for a month and a half, (with a long crop mind you) nearly two months and they have been standing for 4 months without any further posting or manipulation required. I know this has partially to do with each individual dog, but also with the doctor. He also comes here for regular checkups although i live an hour away, i trust them. Great people! I wish I could post a photo, they look SO good.EDIT: I took my boy to the emergency vet today for vomiting close to home and just a case of upset tummy but the doctor complimented how amazing his ears and and said whoever did them did an incredible job.

    Tifani Esco
    March 29, 2024

    I’m giving this place 2 starts because they did take care of my 2 babies when they were sick. The first time my oldest cat was sick, she has a fever and wasn’t eating. Ended up paying $300 for an exam, fluids, and antibiotics. They WANTED to charge and do a bunch of other services that I felt were unnecessary at the time. However, I was happy to pay that amount given my baby would be okay. The last straw for me was when we took our youngest kitten in because he threw up a worm The vet tech we had was honestly very rude. She man handled my cat right infront of me, and didn’t tell me she was about to do a fecal fest on him, asked me to “hold him for a second” before shoving the stick up his butt with unsettling force. Look, I understand it’s your job and you’re probably desensitized to it but you could have at least had a little compassion for the situation and let me know what you were about to do. She also interrogated me about why he hasn’t been fixed, why his gums were swollen, how he threw up a worm, and “what have you been feeding him?!?!” The ton of every question came across as if I had been neglecting the cat instead of just trying to understand the situation. Not to mention, I feel like I’m being robbed every time I go there. I have been 3 times now and have never paid less than $200, for basic kitten checkups/medications & exams. The doctor is always nice, the receptionist is always nice, but every visit the vet tech has been rude, and almost feels like a sleezy salesperson trying to get me to pay as much as possible for basic vet stuff. All while being not so nice.

    Victoria Omdahl
    September 24, 2019

    All that and home visits too! Finally a caring and amazing vet that I can care for my fur kids and not break the bank. The home visit is important because my dog is highly agitated in public and with strangers. It's an awesome service. My oldest Pepper had a tumor on her shoulder. At 15 it's hard to call it. I didn't need to worry as much as I did. So glad I took her in. She was in the best hands. The desire to help her live her life out in comfort was beautifully unanimous. She was treated so well during her stay she was even awarded a certificate of bravery and a thoughtful write up of her stay. Very very classy. It was touching to know she was surrounded with love the whole time. I have absolute faith in my veterinarian. No more fear which is something I had for years after a bad experience with another vet. This is the best vet in town. Never once have I felt vet shamed, instead we find a way together. The staff is amazing I really love them. A shout out to Crystal & Lauren for understanding me very well especially today. Not to leave anyone out this entire staff is top notch. Questions answered, happy healthy pets. There is a true love of all animals. Thank you from the wagging tails tribe. ❤❤❤ Do your pets a favor and take them to the best.

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    1453 Sunset Point Rd, Clearwater, FL 33755, USA

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