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    Randy Barber
    May 20, 2024

    Something isn't right at the vet. I've been going here a long time and something definitely changed. Not happy with my last visit. Paid thru the nose for meds and no one to talk to about it. I felt forced to buy the medicine or else.

    haley gregory
    March 27, 2024

    I recently moved and we’re close to woods now so I brought my dogs in today to get flea medication… I have been to this location previously and had a fine experience so I figured I’d go back there after relocating to Daytona from Palm Coast… I called a week or so beforehand to see if I could just get the flea meds but was told because it had been over a year since I’ve had the dogs in that I needed to have them seen again to be able to get the medication… I was put in a room where the Vet Tech came in and asked me about my dogs and how they’re doing at home, what food I feed them, etc, normal standard procedures. I informed her that my 13 year old Yorkie had a hard lump/mass/growth on her belly near one of her nipples. They took each one back one at a time where I was not able to see what they were doing as far as the “examination” went… After they brought my second dog back into the room, the “doctor”, Lynn Wilson, came in with a very sour expression on her face and asked me the same questions as far as how are they doing at home, etc, and I asked her if she had a chance to examine the lump/mass/growth on my 13 year old dogs belly. She said yes she did and I said I don’t think it’s cancer (of course I’m not trained in anything as far as working with animals go) and she responded to me “it’s DEFINITELY cancer” and proceeded to leave the room with no other explanation, no advice, no recommendations about anything. She left the exam room so abruptly that I sat there waiting because I expected her to come back in the exam room and elaborate a little more but that never happened. The Vet Tech came from the other side and said she had my flea medication at the front and that I was able to check out and leave. I expressed to the Vet Tech that “doctor” Wilson was extremely rude and spoke to me as if I were trash on the side of the road…. They proceeded to charge me 175 dollars which I was very confused about because I was there for all of 35 minutes in total and I had absolutely no idea what they did for my dogs? I didn’t get any paperwork showing what they did to my dogs, couldn’t answer what I was paying for… With that being said, the Vet Tech was very sweet and understanding and informed me she was actually leaving this location in a week, which after this experience I can’t blame her… I had an extremely frustrating experience and was made to feel awful and as if I neglect my dogs and I felt very judged by “doctor” Wilson. I am absolutely never a human to leave a negative review, anywhere, ever. In fact I’m positive this is my first time. But this experience was bad enough that I feel it’s absolutely necessary if only to inform others of how they may be judged/treated by this “professional”… I have never been treated the way that I have been today and have never had as bad of an experience, anywhere. Just a heads up for anyone looking for a kind, caring, Veterinarian. If you are an animal lover and have dogs, cats, spiders or snakes and want to be treated kindly OR them to be treated kindly, this is not the location for you.

    Elgina Hyppolite
    February 03, 2024

    Beville Animal Hospital surpassed all expectations during the passing of my childhood pet. Their thoughtful gift of beautiful flowers to plant in our garden as a tribute left a lasting impact. Their compassion and care went beyond the medical aspect, providing solace during a difficult time. Highly recommend their exceptional service and heartfelt support.

    Kayla Copp
    March 23, 2024

    Great experience. They are very kind here and reasonably priced. I paid half the price of the e.r. veterinarian. They squeezed me in the same day with an appointment. I only paid $400 for a lot of work done. As opposed to my last e.r. visit, which was $800 in south daytona.

    Katie Manfredi
    January 18, 2024

    First time taking my almost 11 year old dog here. I suspected she had a UTI, and this was the only office who could get us in soon, plus it is close to home. I read the reviews, and did expect Dr.Wilson to be a nicer and more compassionate woman than how she was today. Since she’s too old for PMS, maybe she’s just having menopause irritability and hot flashes kept her up all night. She didn’t seem to even like dogs. All other vets I take her to (as well as previous dogs and foster dogs) love on the animals first to soothe them. She didn’t even touch my friendly yet scared American Staffordshire Terrier. I paid $90 for the “exam” for the urine I brought in. Having never been there, I expected the vet to ask more about her medical history and symptoms. Also with her being an older dog, I expected her to at least give a quick physical exam. Only question she asked about my “9 year old dog” who I had to correct and say she’s almost 11, was if there had been a change in food. First vet to not even ask what type of food. I talked about how much this dog meant to me and I should have just told a brick wall. There wasn’t even a wait in the office, so I don’t know why it felt so rushed. Hopefully the antibiotics work and it is a UTI and not bladder stones, because I don’t want to take my beloved four legged family member back to this woman. The demeanor of Dr.Wilson was very short and cold. Again, maybe she was just having a bad day, but she was the least thorough and least loving vet I’ve ever taken an animal to. 2 stars because they got us in quickly and didn’t push the most expensive fix. The office was small but clean.

    Beville Animal Hospital

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