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    Alexandria Pierantoni
    June 03, 2023

    My cat passed away and this is the facility VEG uses for cremation. I couldn’t have picked a better place if I tried. I meant to ask the vet staff if I could have my baby’s whiskers but forgot until the next morning- they had me call Pet Angel and they got me his whiskers as well as some fur and his paw print. It was so thoughtful and nicely put together.

    Christopher Willoughby
    December 22, 2022

    I've had pets cremated in the past, though I'm not sure by which company. Based on the quality of the paw print...or lack thereof...I'm guessing not this one. I was expecting a cute little paw print from my poor old cat Princess, and instead I get what looks like a tech carelessly crammed my cat's paw into some plaster and tossed her aside to move on to the next dead animal. This quality implies a complete lack of caring or consideration, and instead only shows someone getting the job over with as quickly as possible. I'll be intentionally avoiding this service in the future. This paw print was supposed to go beside her picture and ashes on a cute little memorial shelf I had planned to ease my children's pain of losing the companion that they've had since before they could walk...and instead I have to hide this wretched thing and, based on the other reviews, hope that the ashes are even Princess to begin with. Find a better company that actually cares about your pet's remains. This is pathetic.

    Ashley Robinson
    November 23, 2016

    I work at ASAP Animal Clinic and we recently just switched over to The Pet Loss Center. We are so impressed with the amount of respect and dignity shown towards all the animals. One of our first clients that used The Pet Loss Center came back to us with an amazing experience. He was treated with so much respect and shown so much love for his little girl Nikki. All of the staff has been super understanding and very helpful as we transition as well.

    Jules T
    July 04, 2018

    I had the heartbreak of my life when returning home from work one day to find my beloved 6-year-old German Shepherd —forever my first child— lost his battle to leukemia. Worse is that I had no idea how to get him up to the vet for transfer for cremation; I’m a single parent with a young daughter, and moving my large beloved dog’s body into a tiny car with a baby in tow was impossible for me. I was both overwhelmed by the grief of losing my pup and not knowing what to do. However, my vet, Westchase Veterinary Center, had me placed in touch with Stephanie from The Pet Loss Center within moments, and although I couldn’t speak more than a few words without breaking down, Stephanie gently walked me through the process and scheduled her team to pick up my dog for me. She was the most gentle and caring soul to speak with, and her compassion and understanding was a blessing to have at such a critical moment. Her team of drivers following up to let me know the anticipated time frame of arrival, and I was safely able to start my furry baby’s next journey and make my house safe and clean for my daughter by the time she woke up from her nap. The team were absolute professionals when they arrived and so remarkably respectful, even patiently waiting to let me say my final goodbye. The services provided were beautiful; although I immediately started crying the second I saw his urn, it was wrapped beautifully in a purple bag with his clay paw print, a pin, and booklets inside to assist me during the grieving process. There are no words for the amount of grief that accompanies losing your beloved pet, but there are people like those at The Pet Loss Center who make the process as seamless as possible to allow you time to grieve while not adding any more stress by worrying about the logistics. I was at a complete loss not knowing what to do with my pup, and they were an absolute saving grace to me at a time in much need. And when other pet owners are faced with these most difficult times— this is truly the team you need to have on your side.

    brittney gagnon
    August 26, 2020

    My dog had to be euthanized last Monday morning at the Vet Hospital in Winter Haven. I had my BooRoo back the very next Monday about 5pm. So prompt! I was anxious to have him back. The box is so beautifully put together and I can feel the love and care that went into it. When I saw the nose print, my heart melted. When I was told what came in the box at the vet, i forgot they mentioned the nose print being included. That meant so much just because I used to “boop” his little nose all the time. My experience with this was wonderful. Thank you so much for giving my BooRoo a final end to his journey and bringing him back home to me. I feel closure.

    Pet Angel Memorial Center – Tampa

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