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    Michael Waldrop
    March 23, 2024

    Our visit was pretty bad. Summary - when I called in to make the appointment, the lady I spoke to seemed agitated and was short with me. Had an appointment, waited for an hour and left. -When checking in, it was implied by Lisa that I did not mention that both dogs needed a new patient check up. It makes no sense that only one dog would get a new patient check up. Only one dog did need a specific dental check up, but the implication was that it was my fault. -waited in a room with uncomfortable seats for an hour before we decided to leave. They did come in twice to tell us it would be a “couple” more minutes because there were 8 puppies in the other room. We said fine and waited. -when we politely told them we had to leave, Lisa did follow us outside to tell us the doctor had already drawn up the meds, but at that point we had to leave due to a time constraint and told her nicely that their office would not be a right fit for us. Instead of apologizing to us, she was visibly upset with us and just turned around and went inside. I’m really surprised at how unprofessional the experience was. They never offered the dogs treats or water, or us water for that matter, which seems appropriate when you’re waiting an hour with an appointment. I wasted 3 hours of pto and 40 mins drive time. Based on reviews I’m sure some folks have had better experiences, but I would not personally recommend this veterinary clinic.

    Oleg Avdoshin
    May 14, 2024

    The best veterinary clinic near Jacksonville FL. Great people and rendering proper care for your pets.

    Liesa Odom
    June 24, 2023

    Only worried about the money.He was my babies regular vet. Was refused two different times for an emergency appointment with 2 different fur babies. Both turned out to be true emergencies but he was to busy to see them. Would never take another fur baby there. Ok maybe I should have said only interested in the easy money, the kind that doesn’t really take a veterinary just their vet techs! And you were almost correct about the 20 other vets you just left out the words “More concerned about your pet”. And that’s exactly why you haven’t seen me in 2 years.

    Emily Fraser
    June 14, 2023

    I brought my cat here a few months ago for throwing up and they did a radiograph and told us she was constipated and had an enlarged colon, so they decided to use Miralax for a little while mixed in with her food. It helped for a little while, but then she started throwing up again so we took her in again and they told us the same thing, constipation and to keep doing Miralax. The next days after that she continued to get worse, lethargic, no appetite, not grooming herself properly, losing a lot of weight, simply acting funny and weak, etc. We decided to make another appointment and they told us the exact same thing: constipation. We started to get confused and honestly, exhausted. At that most recent appointment they mentioned how her breathing was raspy also, but it was only due to the constipation as we were told. Through all of these appointments they never did blood work though. She got worse very quickly and I didn’t know how long she had left so I took her to SARVEC in St. Augustine. They said she obviously looked terrible and the first thing they did was put her on fluids and did blood work. The bloodwork showed that she had dangerously low blood sugar and they wanted to hospitalize her overnight to figure out why and to monitor her. We let them do this as this was my first pet and I loved her very deeply and found it to be worth the cost. They ended up finding out that she had developed FIP, so there was nothing they could do. We had to put her down. Obviously this enraged us, as we had been taking her to Tri-County and they told us it was just constipation. Now Dr. Springer is trying to say he offered bloodwork but we denied it because of the cost. That is not true at all. They did not offer blood work. Why would we say no to the bloodwork but keep bringing her back for more appointments that would cost me more money? The radiographs weren’t exactly cheap either. We just wanted to know what was wrong with our kitty. Now she is gone due to the negligence and malpractice of Dr. Springer. I hope to inform others of this so that they can take their pets somewhere that they will receive the best care possible, which is not at Tri-County Veterinarians.

    crystal bonnin
    September 13, 2022

    We love Dr. Springer and his veterinary clinic! We have been bring our fur babies to him for care and boarding for almost 9 years now. He saved my beloved pup’s life and I couldn’t be happier with all he’s done for us and our boys! Thank you so much ☺️

    Tri-County Veterinarians

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    5965 FL-207 SR207, Elkton, FL 32033, USA

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